PMW 2018-053 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

This year is the twentieth anniversary of my last edition of Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation. In that work I listed eight full pages of notable advocates for the early dating of Revelation, i.e., a date prior to AD 70. Before too long I hope to update the book altogether. But for now I would like to list some additional early date advocates beyond those found in the book.

More often than not, when a preterist mentions the early date of Revelation he is dismissed with the wave of a hand and the utterance: “the early date of Revelation is held only by a minority of scholars.” That may be true today, but the tide is slowly shifting. Thus, I thought it might be good to put some more scholars’ names in the mix. Of course, counting noses is not the answer to the problem. But it will be helpful in countering a common objection that attempts to cut discussion short.

Thus, below I will list some early date advocates not presented in my earlier work. Some of these are earlier writers, some more recent. I will put in bold type the dates of the ones that were published after the first edition of my book, Before Jerusalem Fell (1988). I hope this is helpful to my readers. And if any of you come across some names that I may not know about, I hope you will “Reply” with the bibliographic information.

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Before Jerusalem FellBefore Jerusalem Fell BOOK
(by Ken Gentry)

Doctoral dissertation defending a pre-AD 70 date for Revelation’s writing. Thoroughly covers internal evidence from Revelation, external evidence from history, and objections to the early date by scholars.

See more study materials at: www.KennethGentry.com

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Navigating the Book of Revelation: Special Studies on Important Issues

Navigating the Book of Revelation (by Ken Gentry)

Technical studies on key issues in Revelation, including the seven-sealed scroll, the cast out temple, Jewish persecution of Christianity, the Babylonian Harlot, and more.

See more study materials at: www.KennethGentry.com

Trudinger, Paul, “The ‘Nero Redivivus’ Rumour and the Date of the Apocalypse of John,” St. Mark’s Review, 131 (1987): 43–44.

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  1. apocalypse2blog July 3, 2018 at 5:25 am

    John the Baptist wrote the first Apocalypse and later John the Apostle added to it

  2. Susana Wright July 3, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Hank Hanagraaff, also has a great book on historical early dating of Revelation. It is titled The Apocalypse Code which also refutes Hal Lindsey’sFalse prophesies and the Left Behind authors Tim LaHay and Jenkins.

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