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The Righteous Writing course is a result of many years of writing experience and study of the art of writing and the world of publishing. It provides you with insights that took me years to accumulate. This course is for you, if you want to:

  • Produce better research papers for high school or college
  • Expand your ministry through writing, either for a church newsletter, local newspaper, national magazine, or book publisher
  • Receive writing instruction so that you might teach others (perhaps as home school parents)
  • Generate extra income through publishing


To these ends the Righteous Writing course will help you:

  • Sharpen your reading and research skills, while shortening your research time
  • Avoid potential pitfalls of writing with a word processor or computer
  • Polish your writing style and learn professional manuscript layout
  • Discover essential resource works and market guides for writers
  • Learn how to effectively approach publishers by means of queries and proposals
  • Increase your chances of publication by presenting a marketing strategy for your manuscript
  • Find out how to protect your work through copyrighting and contracts
  • Understand how to efficiently keep track of your research and submissions


  • A theology of research and writing
  • Research scanning methods
  • Effective research reading
  • Library usage and skills
  • Overcoming research blocks
  • Choosing and narrowing a topic
  • Formulating a thesis
  • Importance of preliminary outlines
  • Mechanics of outlining
  • Gathering & recording notes
  • Documentation procedures
  • Producing a rough draft
  • Style manuals and resources
  • Limiting your material
  • Principles of good style
  • Writing pitfalls
  • Using writing tools
  • Proper manuscript formatting
  • Polishing the final draft
  • Finding and contacting editors
  • Guidelines for getting published
  • Christian market guides
  • Copyrighting procedures
  • Marketing strategies

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