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PMW 2019-044 by Zachary Garris

Gentry note: I thought this was an interesting article providing much food for thought.

Have you ever thought about why the Old Testament (OT) books are ordered the way they are in our English Bibles? If you have given this much thought, you have probably noticed that the English OT is ordered is by genre (history, poetry, prophecy). While understandable, this order has some serious shortcomings. More helpful is the order of the books that the ancient Israelites used, including Jesus.

Jesus Used the Hebrew Order

As mentioned in a previous article, Jesus used the three-fold division of the Old Testament used by the Jews in His day—the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings. Continue reading

DNA Blunder

PMT 2014-074b By Claudia Himmelreich / Berlin
Time magazine

The murderer dubbed the Phantom of Heilbronn had been baffling German investigators for two years. The criminal was a rarity, a female serial killer, and a very busy one: police had linked DNA evidence from 40 crimes — including the infamous homicide of a policewoman in the southern German town of Heilbronn — to the same woman. Continue reading

The Danger of Fraudulent Forensics

PMT 2014-073b
Boston Scandal Exposes Backlog Chemist charged with fraud shows system under pressure
by Eugenie Samuel Reich
Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science (

The numbers are shocking: 1,100 people are in jail on the basis of evidence that may have been tampered with, and 34,000 criminal cases could be affected. Continue reading

A Grand Canyon Discovered Under Greenland

PMT 2014-071b by Becky Oskin, LiveScience

The age of discovery isn’t over yet. A colossal canyon, the longest on Earth, has just been found under Greenland’s ice sheet, scientists announced this week in the journal Science. Continue reading

How Does Darkness Manipulate the Brain?

PMT 2014-050b

1. How do the other senses react when we can’t see anything?

If the visual cortex is no longer processing any visual stimuli, it simply searches for other tasks. After as little as 24 hors in total darkness we are able to smell better, perceive sound more clearly, and learn Braille more quickly. Continue reading

The Remarkable Albatross

PMT 2014-15b by National Georgraphic.

Forget circumnavigating the globe in 80 days—an albatross can do it in a mere 46! Continue reading

Hawking’s “Biggest Blunder”

PMT 2014-14b by Huffington Post

When Stephen Hawking contradicts his own theory, that’s a paradox worth noting. Continue reading