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By Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

I have slightly re-designed my postmillennial blog, given it a new header (designed by my friend, Brian Godawa), and expanded its realm of study. Continue reading


listening-for-godPMT 2017-019 by Josh Buice (Delivered by Grace)

It happened again recently. I was listening to a sermon online and the preacher said, “God told me.” Apparently everyone in the congregation enjoyed it from the response I heard, but I immediately turned it off. This type of communication is becoming more prevalent in Christian circles. It’s showing up in conversations because people are hearing it from the pulpit and reading it in books they purchased from the local Christian bookstore. Perhaps it sounds spiritual or is emotionally stirring to the congregation.

Although the “God told me” method of communicating makes for interesting, suspenseful, and entertaining stories, what people need most is to hear from God. I would like to make a simple request. Please stop saying “God told me” unless the phrase is immediately followed up with a text of Scripture. Continue reading