By Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

I have slightly re-designed my postmillennial blog, given it a new header (designed by my friend, Brian Godawa), and expanded its realm of study.

The site was originally established in 2013 at PostmillennialismToday. That was certainly an appropriate blog name, for postmillennialism has evolved over the centuries especially since the mid-1900s. I wanted to provide a site that would provide research materials and insights into modern posmillennialism in order to encourage it for our day.

I have now changed the name of the site to PostmillennialWorldview. I feel that this title lets me “wander” more freely in theological and cultural research, while keeping it in the orbit of its postmillennial core. Postmillennialism deals mainly with the course of the kingdom of God in history. But it also touches on every aspect life in that the kingdom is at working transforming those areas.

This new title allows me to provide a wider range of studies while keeping the postmillennial heartbeat going. You will see more topics dealt with, which will encourage an even fuller understanding of the implications of the postmillennial hope.

If you would like to provide articles for consideration, I would welcome your contributions. Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide remuneration for your work. But you will have an opportunity not only to promote the postmillennial worldview, but also your insights into it.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will continue to do so — and share my website with your friends.

God bless!

Ken Gentry
June 30, 2017


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