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(This notice was update on April 5, 2022)

My commentary has been fully copy-edited, and I have interacted with the edits. The copy editor will now incorporate my final recommendations, then he will proof-read the whole 2000 page book. After this, I will approve the final proofing (!), then he will send the proofed material to the layout specialist. The Introduction has already been fully laid out. We are hopeful that within three months the full layout of the whole two-volume commentary might be complete. Then after that, the publisher will begin the final process of getting it printed.) Things are really moving now!

(This notice was updated on December 6, 2021)

It is with great sorrow that I mention the passing of Jay Culotta, who was feverishly working on my commentary. Jay died on December 1, 2021. He was a good friend and a great computer technician. His funeral is scheduled for December 9. Please keep his daughter and her family in your prayers. His death was wholly unexpected.

Here is his obituary:

This will obviously slow things down for my commentary. However, I have received a note from Tolle Lege that they will find a replacement for Jay and will continue work on the commentary. When all these things are sorted out, I will post a new expected publication date.

(This notice was updated on November 1, 2021)

Once again I am thankful for the interest in my commentary on Revelation that so many are showing. Please read the September 10, 2021 note below this one for a brief introduction.

Unfortunately, it now appears that the commentary will not be finished by the end of 2021 as we had hoped. There have been too many editorial and layout hands operating on it over the years, which has presented more complications than we had anticipated.

However, we definitely are making progress and moving forward. I am thankful for Jay Culotta who is retired and is donating his considerable energy, time, and skill with InDesign to the work. His heart is in it! I am also thankful for John Barach who is able to work on it on a paid part-time basis. And now I myself am even taking time out of my schedule to keep up with (review, correct, and approve) the work of Jay and John. I have temporarily set aside other projects to return to this one.

Our current best guess for completion of the commentary is by about May 2022. Lord willing and the complications don’t rise. Please keep this in prayer. A project this big and technical create big and technical headaches.

(This notice was updated in September 10, 2021)

Thanks for your interest in my Revelation commentary titled: The Divorce of Israel: A Redemptive-Historical Interpretation of Revelation. I completed its research and writing in early 2016 and submitted it to the publisher at that time. It will be a two-volume set of around 2000 pages.

The publisher is Tolle Lege Press, which published The Geneva Bible. Due to the size of my commentary, its complexity (deeply exegetical; voluminously footnoted; technical use of biblical languages; and so forth), and the unexpected reduction of Tolle Lege’s staff, it has taken them much longer than anticipated to complete.

However, in December 2020 they had someone to come on board who is helping kick-start the whole process. Jay Culotta is a computer-savvy typesetter who is using InDesign to complete the layout of the text of volume 2 by inserting the editor’s recommended changes, corrections, and so forth. Volume 1 is being worked on by another gentleman, John Barach, a professional copy editor. They hope to have it completed by Christmas of 2021.

Please keep this in prayer. I had hoped to have it out before the Rapture. But now I am greatly encouraged that it will be available within a few months!


This notice was updated Sept. 21, 2021

I have had to temporally set aside my Olivet Discourse Made Easy revision and my new proposed commentary Olivet in Context: A Commentary on Matthew 21-25. I have done this because we are a critical and labor-intensive stage in finalizing my The Divorce of Israel (see above). I am currently having to spend much time in proofing the layout, double-checking reference sources, and other tedious things. The Revelation commentary is currently my highest writing priority. I should return to my Olivet studies sometime in 2022.


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