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September 26, 2002

I just received a note from the copy editor (the main person in charge of seeing the commentary through to completion). He says: “The commentary is coming along. It’s typeset up to chapter 20 and proofread up to chapter 18.” Be aware, though, that the commentary’s chapter 18 is the Book of Revelation’s chapter 14! So, it is currently typeset up to Revelation 14.

September 7, 2022

See previous update (August 4) below for fuller picture. But yesterday I received a notice from my commentator’s typesetter: “I now have 1,369 pages typeset.” This is out of total of 2,000+ pages. He is convinced he will be through with his work by the end of 2022.

August 4, 2022

My Revelation commentary — The Divorce of Israel —is still making gradual progress towards completion. It was slowed for a little over a month (July 2022) because I was away for three weeks on conference and vacation. Then when I returned, my computer promptly crashed. This forced me to re-install Windows —twice, as it turned out. This ultimately caused me to have to get a new hard drive and re-install Windows —and everything else. (I am thankful for Carbonite backup. But it took three days to download my 640 GBs of data from Carbonite). All of this slowed things down because I could not get to the editorial suggestions and questions promptly.

The typesetter has received the approved edited chapters and is now engaged in actually typesetting volume one. Thus, the editorial work on volume 1 appears to be complete, which is a big deal. Some of the most difficult aspects of my dealing with editorial suggestions is trying to find the source of quotes that I make in the commentary but somehow forgot to provide their bibliographic data. I am thankful that Internet searches can find most of the quotations; however, some of them required me to get out my Revelation commentaries and other works in order to trace them down.

The editor is currently carefully working on volume 2. I have approved and/or answered questions to most of the his concerns in this volume. So, now he needs to input the changes into the manuscript. Once he has done that, he will send them to the typesetter.

Once all the typesetting is done, the editor will have to re-read the typeset version to make sure everything looks alright. He cannot give me a finish date because there are so many variables — some of which were unknown in the original estimates. I am still hoping for completion by the end of the year. Hoping. Please keep this in prayer. I finished writing the two volume, 2000 page commentary in 2016!

Thanks for your interest in the progress of the commentary.

Ken Gentry

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