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This is a republication of a recent American Vision newsletter notice. It speaks to the concerns of postmillennialists. It is written by Joel McDurmon. Here it is:

For some time, we at American Vision have considered expanding our ministry to a more international scope. Over time, we will certainly do this in a more official capacity, but sometimes God makes your plans for you. Sometimes He just places things in your path and makes you deal with them before you thought you were ready.

We already have readers and partners all over the world: many parts of Europe and the UK, several countries in Central and South America, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, a few countries in Africa, and more. But this has always been informal. It’s also been just a little awkward as well in that we spend a tremendous amount of time dealing with distinctly American history, policy, politics, and current events. However, our foci on theology, law, government, ethics, liberty, culture, eschatology, and apologetics are all part of God’s message for the world, and we want to take these worldwide in a more formal way.

A major opportunity has opened for us in taking the ministry of American Vision international. We’ve been considering this and praying about it for some time. God has answered. Many Christians are unaware that a massive revival has occurred (and continues) across large parts of India. Millions of souls have come to Christ for the first time. Home churches have arisen everywhere along with small Christian schools and orphanages.

With millions of new Christians, however, there is a tremendous need for leadership and leadership training. This means there needs to be worldview training as well. These millions of new believers in most cases know only the basics of the faith. There simply has not been either time or ministry personnel to teach them. There is a great opportunity to teach Christian worldview, and that is obviously where American Vision comes in.Christianitiy and World Religions

Christianity and the World Religions: An Introduction to the World’s Major Faiths

By Derek CooperCooper. Examines the rival worldviews found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, Judaism, Islam, and irreligion. He engages these worldviews from a Christian perspective.

See more study materials:

To this end, I accepted an invitation to speak at a local church in India—but I had no idea what God was about to do next. I found out that a missionary I know is in the same area as the invitation I accepted. When he heard I could come, he suggested we organize a pastor’s conference. Here, I will be able to help train over 100 indigenous pastors with a biblical worldview message.

Not only will we be reaching numbers of believers with our full-orbed, life-changing Gospel, we will be training a large group of the leaders to preach that message for decades to come.

But God was not done. We have also been connected with a Bible School in the least-evangelized state of India—way up near the Himalaya Mountains. We will be able to provide the same ministry here as at the pastor’s conference: training the Christian leadership of the next generation.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this opportunity. God has opened a door for us in the midst of a nation-wide revival in the second largest population in the world. We will be on the ground-level of worldview development for Indian Christians. We will help shape leadership with a comprehensive biblical worldview in a culture historically filled with paganism and poverty.Finding a Vision

Finding a Vision
(by Michael Milton)

Presents a biblical vision of church ministry and involvement.

See more study materials at:

As we engage this amazing opportunity, we ask that you would continue to help us with your prayers and financial support. God has certainly opened this path for us, but the way forward still requires hard work and sacrifice on our part. We need your help with this.

And this is just one of the international opportunities God has opened for American Vision recently. I’ll be able to share more with you in the days and weeks to come.

For more information see: www.AmericanVision.
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  1. Stanley Simon November 13, 2015 at 7:02 am

    Dear Dr. Ken Gentry , I am Evg. Stanley from India. Really agreeing what you have posted about the missions India. I am one among the local missionary working with my own income through a small business supporting small groups of pastors and training them the post millennium theory or reconstruction. It is really effective here and needed. But no one to stand with us me tally, physically and financially. We can make wonders here but not at all able to perform in a way we expect. There are thousands for mission groups to preach duping gospel of dispensations. But we need the right gospels to be preached since people are interest to change and to change the millions we need more leaders. We can stand. Let me know what to do for it to happen.
    With love and prayer.

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