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Our Collapsing Culture

Sadly Walmart, a putative icon of middle-America, has joined the march of our value-less, immoral, collapsing society as it heads over the cliff of despair. Continue reading

Arguments Against Paedocommunion

by Rev. Peter M. Dietsch

Four broad reasons that the practice of paedocommunion is both erroneous and dangerous. Continue reading

Border Meltdown: Biblical Principles

By Stephen Halbrook (Theonomy Resources)

As America’s border crisis escalates, various voices with various political philosophies weigh in. Should we or shouldn’t we protect the borders? What about immigrants—should they be admitted? If so, how do we determine whether they should be allowed into the country? Continue reading

The Higgs Boson and the Big Bang

Continue reading

The Missing Links Are Still Missing

by Frank Sherwin, M.A.
From Institute for Creation Research

In their 2010 zoology text, evolutionists Stephen Miller and John Harley present a clear summary of the current state of animal classification. They maintain, “There is little disagreement among zoologists about the taxonomic classification of animals”1, p. 156 Creation biologists agree. Continue reading

Powerhouse of Scientists Refute Evolution

by Brian Thomas, M.S.
From Institute for Creation Research

The information of life is in a state of gradual decay, not upward evolution, according to at least eight technical papers published in the proceedings of a unique symposium called Biological Information: New Perspectives.1 Continue reading

Animal Death in Eden?

Numerous arguments demand that animal death results from God’s curse on creation after Adam’s fall, rather than being a feature of God’s original creational activity. Consider the following: Continue reading