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Full Preterism is a small, but tenacious Internet phenomenon that has caused a good deal of disruption in evangelical churches. I call “Full Preterism” by the term “Hyper-preterism,” because it is to Preterism what Hyper-Calvinism is to Calvinism: the taking up of a good theological perspective, then driving it beyond its true meaning.

I have mentioned Hyper-preterism from time-to-time in some of my books (e.g., He Shall Have Dominion). I have written a chapter in a Reformed response to Hyper-preterism (edited by Keith L. Mathison, When Shall These Things Be?). I have also recently published a small book containing some of my brief observations on the errors crippling Hyper-preterism (Have We Missed the Second Coming?). And now I have re-republished a book critiquing Full Preterism by Samuel M. Frost (Why I Left Full Preterism).

I am always eager to welcome new critiques of this errant movement. In his book, Sam Frost offers us his insightful testimony regarding how he got involved in Hyper-preterism, and then how he escaped out of it. This is an important work by a former insider who was a leader in the movement. I highly recommend it to anyone who: (1) is curious about contemporary theological movements, (2) has seen the trouble this particular movement has caused in the lives of individuals or the ministries of churches, or (3) is being tempted with it. Somehow Mormons tempt people into their absurd system; and somehow Hyper-preterists tempt folks into their novel system. But whereas Mormons use bicycles in their missionary outreach, Hyper-preterists are using motorcycles to escape from orthodoxy, hoping that, like King David of old, “the roar of their Triumph was heard throughout the land.”

Currently another book is being planned by several former Full Preterists. It will be another work presenting testimonies regarding how others escaped the clutches of Hyper-preterism and lived to tell about it. I will report this when it becomes available.

Why I Left Full-Preterism (by Samuel M. Frost)

Former leader in Full Preterist movement, Samuel M. Frost, gives his testimony and theological reasoning as to why he left the heretical movement. Good warning to others tempted to leave orthodox Christianity.

See more study materials at: KennethGentry.com

Sam Frost’s book was previously published by American Vision but is now back in print through Victorious Hope Publishing.

Table of Contents

1. What is Full Preterism
2. My Full Preterist Testimony
3. History, Creeds, and Sola Scriptura
4. Infinity
5. John 6
6. What are the “Last Days”?
7. The Shell Game
8. Where is Jesus?
9. Sin, Death, and Creation
10. Progressive Sanctification
11. The Bodily Death and Resurrection of Jesus
Conclusion: Why I Left Full Preterism

Review Notes

“For several years, Sam Frost was the academic voice of so-call full preterism. He wrote numerous books, articles, and blog posts in support of it, gave lectures defending it, and responded in print to those who were critical of it. By God’s grace, his eyes have been opened to the truly unbiblical nature of this novel doctrine, and he has rightly renounced it. In this work, Frost provides a point-by-point account of his theological journey. In the last several years, we have witnessed several prominent full preterists renounce this heresy and embrace Christianity. May our Lord and Saviof Jesus Christ use Frosts work to open the eyes of many, many more.”
Keith L. Mathison, Reformation Bible College

“I’m glad there’s a debate take place over the subject of Bible prophecy. It’s been needed for a long time. There is a tendency, however, among some people who change prophetic views to swing the pendulum too far. They are so disenchanted with what they once believed that they believe it’s necessary to reject everything that system taught. Preterism is gaining a foothold among scholars and laypeople, but some are getting worried that some adherent are taking it to unbiblical extremes. Sam Frost went there and back. His book Why I Left Full Preterism is a great starting point in understanding the inherent dangers of a full pretersm position.”
Gary DeMar, formerly President, The American Vision

Have We Missed the Second Coming:have-we-missed-the-second-coming
A Critique of the Hyper-preterist Error
by Ken Gentry

This book offers a brief introduction, summary, and critique of Hyper-preterism. Don’t let your church and Christian friends be blindfolded to this new error. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

For more Christian educational materials: www.KennethGentry.com

In this book, author Sam Frost’s wit and charm shine through the pages as he recounts, first-hand, on the reasons why he left full (hyper) preterism behind; providing a needed critique on its views and positions.
Brian Godawa, Author, The Chronicles of the Apocalypse

Frost does an excellent job of detailing the reasons he left full preterism. According to him, Full Preterism is a house of cards and if one were to follow it to its logical conclusion, one would need to conclude that the Bible no longer applies to them today. He ends his book by acknowledging that there are still a lot of questions within preterism but this is something that he, like other theologians, must seek to work out together.
Bryan Kuranga, reviewer

It’s a decent book from a “full preterist” insider that ultimately realized he could no longer sustain belief in this unorthodox eschatology. I’m glad he wrote it. As a amillenialist/partial preterist, I think it was a good insight into the extreme “full preterist” view, whereby you must accept that the second coming of Christ occurred in the past.
Patrick, reviewer

About Samuel M. Frost

With a B.Th. (Liberty Christian College), Samuel completed a M.A. in Christian Studies; M.A. in Religion, and Th.M. from Whitefield Theological Seminary, Lakeland, Florida (with combined credits in Hebrew from Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida – and in Greek from Pentecostal Theological Seminary, Cleveland, Tennessee). Author of Full Preterist works, Misplaced Hope (Bi-Millennial Press, 2002), Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection (JaDon Publications, 2010) and House Divided (Vision International, 2009) with Mike Sullivan, Dave Green and Ed Hassertt. Also edited A Student’s Hebrew Primer for Whitefield Theological Seminary.

Samuel has lectured extensively for over 8 years at over 20 Full Preterist conferences, and once at the Evangelical Theological Society. Samuel has been ordained, and functioned as Teaching Pastor at Christ Covenant Church in St. Petersburg, Florida (2002-2005). He helped host the popular debates between Full Preterist author Don Preston and Thomas Ice (with Mark Hitchcock), and Don Preston and James B. Jordan. Samuel is widely regarded by many of his peers as being one of the foremost experts on prophecy, apocalypticism, and Preterist theology. He was highly influential in the Full Preterist movement and is footnoted in several Full Preterist books, as well as by scholars against Full Preterism (When Shall These Things Be?; Preterism: Orthodox, or Unorthodox; The Second Coming under Attack) and authored One Forward, Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes (2009) by Full Preterist author, Alan Bondar.

He has come to denounce his Full Preterist views in 2010 and affirms the historic Christian Faith and orthodoxy. He penned a book detailing his departure by American Vision Publishing entitled, Why I Left Full Preterism (now republished by Victorious Hope Publishing, 2019). He is also the author of God: As Bill Wilson Understood Him (2014) and Daniel: Unplugged: A Commentary on the Book of Daniel, 2018, Kindle-Amazon). His latest book is titled, The Parousia of the Son of Man (2019) available at Lulu.com.


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