PMW 2018-030 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Many Christians accept the Big Bang model of creation, believing that the sudden creation of the universe comports with the Genesis account of creation. But Big Bang cosmology fails to match up with the biblical view of the origins of the universe. In this brief notice, I will quickly point out four major problems facing the Big Bang model, as viewed from a biblical standpoint.

1. What does the Big Bang entail?

A sudden beginning of the universe, which sounds much like the Gen. 1:1. Unfortunately though, the Big Bang model does not end there. According to this secular viewpoint, the Big Bang is followed by an enormously long period wherein we have the development of stars, then galaxies. This commits the Christian to an unbiblical long ages for creation. The creation account clearly presents a very short, powerful creating of the universe by God in six days.

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2. To what does the Big Bang model commit us?

In the Big Bang model, the sun and stars are created before the earth, despite Gen. 1:14ff which declares that the earth was created first. The careful, deliberate enumeration of the days of creation in Genesis 1 absolutely forbids the secular order of events, which effectively place stars as creating agents rather than God.

3. Who does the Big Bang contradict?

The Big Bang viewpoint counters Christ’s teaching that man was created “from the beginning,” not billions of years later (Mark 10:6). A cosmology that contradicts Christ cannot be endorsed by a Christian whose worldview and eternal destiny depend on Christ being the inerrant, authoritative Son of God.

4. What is the Big Bang order of creation?

The Big Bang model necessarily involves a wrong early-history of the universe and the world. In this model the (long, slow) creation process involves chaos and destruction, even of later life arising. It requires the arising and destruction of whole species in a world “red in tooth and claw. This contradicts the original “very good” universe that came from God’s hand (Gen 1:31). It also disputes the later entry of sin as the reason for death in God’s created order (Gen. 3).

The explosion of something from nothing (the Big Bang) cannot account for the orderly universe. Neither can it account for the laws of math, logic, morality, and more. An orderly universe cannot be rooted in disorder.

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  1. Mike April 13, 2018 at 6:00 am

    I agree with the article above but Christians who believe Big bang cosmology claim to have a different “hermeneutic” and they merely dismiss YEC arguments as uninformed and fundamentalist.

    For them, science in incontrovertible, so they have to find a way to fit the Bible into the scientific discoveries. Using the 6 literal day hermeneutic is ridiculous for them and discussing herneneutics with them is not effective.

    One of the criticisms of Ken Ham’s debate with Bill Nye was that he was trying to prove his points using Biblical texts. For Bill Nye this of course was nonsense and only served to indicate that the battle was between old religious texts and science, and that Ham did this because he didn’t have any science to refute Nye on some issues.

    Those who accept Big Bang cosmology already have their arguments in place for why it doesn’t break the laws of physics, even though it does. I think there is not enough YEC activity exposing the scientific fallacies and systematically unpicking the constructs in which Big bangers have been able to hide, secure in their denying the laws of physics without consequence.

    I know Hartnett and Lisle do a good job, and others, but these scientists don’t even make it onto the lists of recommended reading at conservative Bible colleges.

  2. Tom Hill April 14, 2018 at 10:45 am

    Checkout a new book, Replacing Darwin by Nathaniel Jeanson. This book uses the Biblical timeline and testable predictions. Genetics is kicking the old earth timeline to the curb.

  3. Mike April 16, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    Thanks for the tip.

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