PMW 2018-016 by Larry E. Ball

Gentry introduction:
This is an excellent, short article on the dangers of Two-kingdom Theology. TKT is very much opposed to postmillennialism and to theonomic ethics. In this quick insight into TKT we can see the very obvious negative implications of this theology.

When I recently read the post about Andrew White, a PCA elder and a democratic candidate for the Governor of Texas (The Aquila Report, January 26), I was disheartened, to say the least. What bothered me most is that he seemed to imply that since both abortion and homosexual marriage are the law of the land, they must be right and good in a democratic society.

Blessed Is He SMALL (Larry Ball)

Blessed Is He Who Reads: A Primer on the Book of Revelation
By Larry E. Ball

A basic survey of Revelation from the preterist perspective.
It sees John as focusing on the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in AD 70.

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I know most leaders in the PCA are rather disturbed by his position, but then I finally concluded that this seems rather inconsistent on their part. His presuppositions about the personal nature of religion and the public nature of civil law explain his views very clearly. He is just consistent with his presuppositions.

His approach is deduced from what is called two-kingdom theology. There are two kingdoms in this world (and here I am not referring to the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan). Two-kingdom theology is a view that divides the world into two separate spheres – one is the church (or the Kingdom of God), and the other is the state or the realm of the civil government. The Bible gives us guidelines pertaining to the arena of the church, but not for the civil magistrate. The civil magistrate must determine right and wrong from either natural law or the democratic process.

Natural law in history has been described as the rules that come from general revelation (creation and conscience), however today it a reference to the principles discovered independent of the Bible by men who use the scientific method. If it works for mathematics and chemistry, modern man has concluded that it must also work for social and political science too. If modern man concludes that abortion is the right of every woman to choose what is best for her own body, and that same-sex attraction is as natural as opposite-sex attraction, then this must be reflected in the law of the body-politic.

Political Christianity

Political Christianity (book)
(by Christian Citizen)

Christian principles applied to practical political issues, including “lesser-of-evils” voting.
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A second complement of this natural law approach is the democratic process. If natural law struggles to define right and wrong, then in a Democracy there is always the final authority of the voice of the people. The only problem here is . . . .

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Larry E. Ball is a retired minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and is now a CPA. He is the author of “Blessed Is He Who Reads,” an orthodox preterist primer on Revelation. He lives in Kingsport, Tennessee.

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  1. hoshdan February 26, 2018 at 10:39 am

    If an Elder of a Prominent Church supports publicly a position which is in contradiction with his faith, then he doesn’t have a conscience or he has a problem with personality. If the Church to which he belongs does not question this behavior, it is in grave danger. The goal of Jesus as King is to overturn all principalities and powers that interfere with his. A Church Elder that supports the work of the kingdom which is opposed to that of Christ, has clearly stated to which kingdom he belongs. One man cannot serve two rulers. From that perspective, there cannot exist a “two-kingdom theology”.

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