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[Gentry introductory note: As one who is committed to the biblical worldview, I am not only a postmillennialist but a Six-day Creationist. Both of these positions flow directly from Scripture. Creationism is not only an important issue in itself, but also an excellent apologetics tool. Dr. Jason Lisle has begun a new ministry called “Biblical Science Institute.” Dr. Lisle is a Van Til presuppositionalist and an excellent scientist, being an astrophysicist. I highly recommend it to those interested not only in Six-day Creation but also apologetics.]

Friends of the Biblical Science Institute, thank you for your interest in defending the Christian Faith. In our second month of operation, we have a number of exciting new faith-affirming resources. We were able to document the August 21 Solar Eclipse; this was the first transcontinental eclipse over North America in 99 years. We traveled to the path of totality to experience this amazing event first hand, and have compiled an online video to share this experience with you. We hope you enjoy it! We are so grateful that the Lord granted us traveling mercies, and clear skies. We also posted a new web article describing eclipses and their relevance to creation.

Recently, we at the Biblical Science Institute joined with some friends to do street evangelism in Denton, Texas. I had several really great conversations with unbelievers, including a Muslim and a professing atheist. Not surprisingly, almost all of their objections to the Christian worldview centered on origins and science. I was able to share with them how science confirms Genesis, and how biblical creation makes science possible. I could tell they were getting it. What a blessing that God uses our apologetics efforts as part of the means by which He opens the eyes of unbelievers, and draws them to Himself!

As It is Written FRONT

As It Is Written: The Genesis Account Literal or Literary?
Book by Ken Gentry

Presents the exegetical evidence for Six-day Creation and against the Framework Hypothesis.

See more study materials at:

We also had a microphone set up where people could ask questions, and I agreed to answer some of these. We were able to record some of this on video. One of these dialogues we shared on Youtube, and some other conversations we posted on our Facebook page. These experiences show that apologetics is not merely an academic game. It has real world application and is an important part of sharing the Gospel.

We have several new faith-affirming articles on our website this month, including a dialogue with someone who asked how the first three days of creation could be ordinary days if the sun wasn’t created until the fourth day. This is a fairly common objection, but is easy to answer. We have continued our Creation 101 series with an introduction to genetics: the study of heredity. And we have begun a series on logic: the principles of correct reasoning. Knowledge of the basics of logic is wonderfully helpful in apologetics, and can even improve other areas of our lives.

Our latest book, Keeping the Faith in an Age of Reason, is at the printers and should be available very shortly. Check our web store frequently, because we will make this book available as soon as it arrives. The Einstein book is near completion, with only the final chapter and a few illustrations remaining.

We currently have about half the monthly funding needed to do the weekly podcast. We are so grateful for your financial support. You can continue to help us by spreading the word; please tell your friends and family about the Biblical Science Institute. And you can help us by praying. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much (James 5:16).

Thank you for your support!

– Jason Lisle

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Introducing Dr. Lisle

Dr. Jason Lisle is a Christian astrophysicist who researches issues pertaining to science and the Christian Faith. A popular speaker and author, Dr. Lisle presents a rational defense of a literal Genesis, showing how science confirms the history recorded in the Bible. Brought up in a Christian family, at a young age he received Christ as Lord. Since then Lisle has always desired to serve the Lord out of love and gratitude for salvation, and to spread the Gospel message to all people.

Dr. Lisle double-majored in physics and astronomy with a minor in mathematics at Ohio Wesleyan University. He then went on to obtain a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in astrophysics at the University of Colorado in Boulder. There, he used the SOHO spacecraft to analyze the surface of the sun, and made a number of interesting discoveries, including the detection of giant cell boundaries. Since then, Lisle has worked in full-time apologetics ministry. He wrote a number of planetarium shows for the Creation Museum, including the popular “Created Cosmos.” Dr. Lisle has authored a number of best-selling books on the topic of creation, including: Taking Back Astronomy, Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky, The Ultimate Proof of Creation, Discerning Truth, and Understanding Genesis.

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