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Tank firingPMT 2014-145 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

I have started a practice of asking Facebook friends and PostmillennialismToday readers for some questions about eschatology that they might have. This is my second effort at that. Be aware: I usually upload blog articles several weeks in advance. So your question might come slowly, rather than what you might expect: “the time is near.” Send your questions to me at: KennethGentry@cs.com

Ben Askins asks: “What similarities and differences are there between the postmillennial conception of the brief period of global rebellion at the end of the millennium and the dispensational post-trib premillennial conception of the Great Tribulation?” Continue reading



PMT 2014-106 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.Serpent

The loosing of Satan is one of the most confusing features of distant-end eschatology. In my last blog I broached the question as to why Satan is loosed (PMT 2014-105). Some additional insights into this question will appear in this article.

When free from the constraints on his deceptive abilities, he immediately sets out to reverse the tide of Christ’s long term (“thousand” year) gospel rule. We must note that his release is only for a “little time” (mikron chronon, Rev 20:3c) and that it allows once again his long constrained deceptive power over the nations (Rev 20:3b, 8a). Continue reading