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Confused UniversalismPMT 2015-061 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Many Christians wrongly believe that postmillennialism implies the ultimate salvation of all men. Riddlebarger, for instance, speaks against postmillennialism: “Although the kingdom advances throughout this age, the final eschatological victory is won by Jesus Christ himself at his second coming (1 Cor. 15:54). Not before.” And of certain negative verses he comments that they “all speak of the present spiritual kingdom as finally consummated in ‘the age to come’ but not before.” [1] Reymond believes of the postmillennial vision that “the world of mankind of necessity must be brought eventually to a state of virtual moral perfection — the major contention of postmillennialism . . . a representation of world conditions at the time of Christ’s return which amillennialists reject.”

But postmillennialism does not claim that “final” eschatological victory comes before Christ returns. We do believe that because of the kingdom’s long-term expansion “the number finally of the lost in comparison with the whole number of the saved will be very inconsiderable.”[3] Continue reading