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PietismPMT 2015-066 by by Larry E. Ball

Since the conversion of Constantine and the later events surrounding the Reformation, the West has been identified as Christian. This includes continental Europe, the British Isles, and America. The influence of Christianity was strong in all spheres of life including the arts, science, economics, family life, and civil government. Although the West was far from perfect, the Bible had a consequential impact on all of life.

Islam was a false religion. Muslims lived in the Middle East and Christians lived in the West. It was an assumption that Islam and Christianity could not coexist within the same national borders, but there was no prohibition against promoting economic exchanges that might serve the interests of both parties. Muslims were welcome to enjoy the fruits of Christianity, but they could not erect houses of worship in a Christian land. To allow this was viewed as a betrayal of the Christian Faith. It was considered as a precursor to religious civil wars. Continue reading