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Bible lightPMT-2015-020 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

The end is near. The end of this series, that is. But the end is not yet. This is the second to last article in my reply to Dr. James White’s critique of my understanding of 2 Tim 3.[1] I have dealt with his webcast critique in two series of articles, the current one being the longest. But it will soon be time to move on to other things. Only this and one more article remains.

White is an amillennialist. And as an amill he expects history to descend into chaos as time moves on toward the second coming of Christ. As an adherent to a pessimistic eschatology, he sees 2 Tim 3 as a key biblical problem for postmillennialism. My March 2014 study of 2 Tim 3 caught his attention, leading him to devote a webcast to rebutting my argument on this passage.

In my earlier article, I explained that Paul’s statements in 2 Tim 3 were not prophesying the future flow of history, but were commenting on what Timothy was to experience in his own day. I argued that 2 Timothy was an “occasional epistle,” dealing with first-century issues. Continue reading


White James booksPMT 2014-153 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

This is my sixth article replying to White’s October 16, 2014 webcast, where he challenged my postmillennial understanding of 2 Timothy 3. Please see my preceding articles for context and consult my original article to which he replies (“Postmillennialism and Perilous Times,” PMT 2014-029, March 7, 2014).

Just as you hear dispensationalists declare: “The end is near,” so have you heard me declare: “The end of my reply to Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries is near.” But in proof that I am not a prophet (in fact, I seldom even show a profit), I must confess: this article will not be the last one in the series.

I know what you are thinking: “An article series with Gentry is as a thousand entries.” Or: “Of the making of blog articles there is no end.” But no! There was a unmentioned gap in my previous prophecy declaring only six articles. Not really; just kidding. You know I am not a gap theorist, either in the Creation account on in Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. So what has happened? Continue reading