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Unfortunately, as you wade your way through books on eschatology, you will find thousands and thousands and thousands of titles promoting dispensationalism. Some of these are very practical works that are actually able to name the coming Antichrist, which could prove helpful if are planning a trip to whatever county he will arise in. Still others are very insightful, giving you the latest date for the secret rapture (which is only know to televangelists). This is extremely valuable to anyone wanting to get in a nice vacation before all hell breaks lose at the disappearance of believers at that moment.

But when you look around for postmillennial works, you have your work cut out for you. Publishers like to make money, and doom-and-gloom sells better than work-and-effort. Thus, the number of modern postmillennial books are fewer.

However, by God’s grace more-and-more of them are coming out. Here are some that should prove helpful to anyone wanting to investigate the postmillennial hope.

Bahnsen, Greg L. Victory in Jesus: The Bright Hope of Postmillennialism. Texarkana, Ark.: CMP, 1999.

Bock, Darrell L., ed., Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1999.

Boot, Joseph. The Mission of God: A Manifesto of Hope for Society. London: Wilberforce, 2016.

Roderick Campbell, Israel and the New Covenant. Tyler, Tex.: Geneva Divinity School, 1954 [rep. n.d.]).

Chilton, David. Paradise Restored: A Biblical Theology of Dominion. Ft. Worth, Tex.: Dominion Press, 1985.

Davis, John Jefferson., Christ’s Victorious Reign: Postmillennialism Reconsidered. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1986.

James A. Dejong, As the Waters Cover the Sea: Millennial Expectations in the Rise of Anglo-Amearican Missions 1640–1810. Laurel, Miss.: Audubon, 2006.

Gentry, Kenneth L., Jr. The Greatness of the Great Commission: The Christian Enterprise in a Fallen World. 2d. ed.: Chesnee, S.C.: Victorious Hope, 2013 (rep. 1993).

Gentry, Kenneth L., Jr. He Shall Have Dominion: A Postmillennial Eschatology. 2d. ed.: Chesnee, S.C.: Victorious Hope, 2009.

Gentry, Kenneth L. Jr.., Postmillennialism Made Easy. Chesnee, S.C.: Victorious Hope, 2009.

Gentry, Kenneth L., Jr., The Truth about Postmillennialism. Chesnee, S.C.: Victorious Hope, 2019.

Gentry, Kenneth L. ed., Thine Is the Kingdom: Studies in the Postmillennial Hope. Vallecito, Calif.: Chalcedon, 2003.

Harper, Joe, Lost Eschatology: Our Protestant Heritage Recovered: An Introduction to Historicist Postmillennialism (independent publication).

Kik, J. Marcellus. An Eschatology of Victory. Phillipsburg, N. J.: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1975.

Mathison, Keith A. Postmillennialism: An Eschatology of Hope. Phillipsburg, N.J.: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1999.

North, Gary. Millennialism and Social Theory. Tyler, Tex.: Institute for Christian Economics, 1990.

Rogers, Jay. The Harrowing of Hell: Rediscovering the Postmillennial Hope. Clermont, Fla.: Media House, 2020.

Rushdoony, R. J. God’s Plan for Victory: The Meaning of Postmillennialism. 3d. ed.: Vallecito, Calif.: Ross House, 2022.

Rushdoony, R. J., Thy Kingdom Come: Studies in Daniel and Revelation. Vallecito, Calif.: Ross House, 1998.

Sproul, R. C. The Last Days according to Jesus: When Did Jesus Say He Would Return? Grand Rapids: Baker, 2015.

Sandlin, Andrew, A Postmillennial Primer. Vallecito, Calif.: Chalcedon, 1997.

Wilson, Douglas, Heaven Misplaced: Christ’s Kingdom on Earth. Moscow, Ida.: Canon, 2008.

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God Wine


Climax Revelation


  1. Fred V. Squillante February 10, 2023 at 9:40 am

    Work and effort are anathema to dispensationalists and other premillennialists. Yet, as they pine for the rapture, do they realize they are ushering in the supposed seven years of chaos, death, and mass destruction? An absurd eschatology, for sure.

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