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A soon-to-be-released documentary-style film, featuring footage from around the U.S. and interviews with over a dozen scholars and scientists, will provide visual evidence and scientific arguments for the Bible’s accounts of Creation and the Flood.

On February 23, hundreds of movie theaters across the U.S. will participate in a one-night showing of the film “Is Genesis History?” The film, produced by Compass Cinema and structured as a documentary, features interviews with respected Christian scientists, including microbiologist Kevin Anderson, astronomer Danny Faulkner, geologist Andrew Snelling, and several others.

In addition to interviews with scholars and scientists, the film’s host, Del Tackett, guides viewers through over a dozen locations and landmarks to explore the competing views of creation and evolution. Tackett is the creator of a number of media projects, including Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project.”

“`Is Genesis History’ is a comprehensive documentary featuring scientists and scholars looking at the world and explaining how it intersects with the history recorded in Genesis,” the film’s website states. “From rock layers to fossils to lions to stars, this fascinating film will challenge and change the way you see the world.”

As It is Written FRONT

As It Is Written: The Genesis Account Literal or Literary?
Book by Ken Gentry

Presents the exegetical evidence for Six-day Creation and against the Framework Hypothesis.

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In an interview with Christian News Network, Thomas Purifoy, Jr., the film’s producer and director, said “Is Genesis History?” will be useful to people of all ages.

“My daughter was one of my main inspirations for creating the documentary,” Purifoy said. “We had a conversation concerning creation and evolution, and I realized I wasn’t doing a great job explaining things to her. I knew there were a lot of exceptional scientists who could do a much better job, so with Del Tackett, we sought them out to help explain the world in light of the history recorded in Genesis.”

The book of Genesis, although controversial, is foundational for the gospel, Purifoy stated. “Every important aspect of human culture goes back to Genesis, including marriage, sexuality, work, environmental stewardship, science, language, and much more. And all these things relate directly to the historicity of Genesis,” he said. “If you can deny Genesis as a book of history, you can deny all these things. The gospel of Jesus Christ therefore stands or falls along with the historicity of the first chapters of Genesis.”

Genesis and Creation (Set 1: Genesis 1).

An in-depth sermon series on the opening chapters of the Bible from a Six-day Creationist perspective. Offers many insights into the reason Moses wrote the Creation Account, insights little recognized by the average Christian. This is set 1, which covers Genesis 1.

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Already the film has been endorsed by Answers in Genesis and the Associates for Biblical Research. Purifoy hopes moviegoers who watch “Is Genesis History?” will be reminded of the reliability and accuracy of the Bible’s first book. Biblical authority is the primary focus of the film, he said….
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2 thoughts on “IS GENESIS HISTORY?

  1. Sue Bohnen February 24, 2017 at 12:35 am

    Thanks Ken for sending out the information on the movie. I would not have know about it if I had not been subscribed to your newsletter. I took two of my grandsons with me to the movie. This movie confirmed what I have heard my brother Jerry preach so many times. Wish more people could see it. Thank you for your studies in Postmillennialism.

  2. Aleksey Fomichenko February 24, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    Went to see this film with my boys last night. Excellent documentary. Our faith is not a blind faith.

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