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If you spend any time keeping up with the news, you know that radical Islam is a significant and destructive force in the world. David Garrison, does not disagree with that assessment, but he says it’s only part of the story. There is also a revival in the Muslim world, Garrison says. He believes between 2 and 7 million former Muslims have converted to Christianity in the past two decades, and he has impressive research to back up his claim. He documents his findings in his book A Wind in the House of Islam.

Garrison has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and spent more than 25 years as a missionary with the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Missions Board. I had this conversation with Garrison in Atlanta at the recent International Christian Retail Show.

Many people, when they think of the Muslim world, feel discouraged by radical Islam. Your book has kind of a more hopeful message. What is it?

Someone asked me the other day, “How do you interpret what’s going on in the world today in light of the Word of God?” I think Romans 8:22 is a good key for us to see, when Paul says that we know that all of creation groans as in the travail of childbirth. That painful upheaval, all the trials, the violence that we see in the Muslim world hopefully are forbearers of new life that is taking place. That’s what my book focuses on, not on the things we see in the news every day, which are all very true and very valid. I wouldn’t want to sugarcoat any of that. It’s horrific, the things that are happening. But I also want to give testimony to the fact that God is at work in the Muslim world, and, frankly, in ways that we’ve never seen before. [There is] more turning of Muslims to Christ than at any time in history.

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Can you give us some specific examples of that happening?

The striking thing about what we discovered was that there are movements of Muslims to Christ, and by that I mean not just individuals, but movements of at least 1,000 within a community who have been baptized or 100 churches planted over the last two decades. We’re seeing, currently, 69 of these movements that have just been formed in the last two decades that are moving … from one end of the Muslim world to the other, so from West Africa to Indonesia and everywhere in between.

I suppose one of the most striking examples is what’s happening in Iran today. We’re seeing that the Ayatollah Khomeini’s proving to be the greatest evangelist in the history of Iran because so many people are voting with their feet and they’re turning away from Islam and they’re walking toward really, all sorts of things. It’s not exclusively to Christianity, but certainly tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iranians in the last few decades have come to faith in Jesus Christ and followed him in baptism.

You said, “We are seeing.” Who’s “we,” and how do we know that what you’re saying is true?

This was very important to me. Certainly, no one can know everything that’s going on, and the wonderful blessing I’ve had is a blessing of a great host of collaborators. Everywhere I went, I found I was able to work with missionaries who then introduced me to national partners, and so in my opening pages I talk about this great network. I think I’ve got about 150 people that I list that helped me in every region of the world. … I made it a point to document not only everything that I did in writing, but also to record, as much as possible, these actual interviews, to tuck them away, before I—what we call—sanitized them. I changed the names so that no one would be hurt and [for] security concerns.

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How did you start down the path of documenting this phenomenon?

I’ve had a long and twisting path. I’ve had 29 years with the International Missions Board and lived in places and studied languages like Japanese and Chinese, and then three different kinds of Arabic. In 1992, my wife and two kids and I at the time were assigned to work with Libyan Arabs. And over the next few years, we learned, probably, I don’t know, 100, 200 ways not to win Libyans to Christ. In the course of that, we realized this is a tough nut. This is not one that’s easily solved.

So in 2002, when our family moved to India, we started hearing reports of Muslims coming to Christ in South Asia, and then we started hearing other reports from Central Asia and a few from West Africa and East Africa. We took note because we knew this was not the norm, and we began making lists of movements that we had heard about, but had not personally verified. Before long, we had about 25 on our list.

Then in 2011, I was approached by a foundation that said, “We’re hearing these same rumors of angels, you know, things happening in the Muslim world. Would you be willing, if we would fund you and underwrite the expenses, would you be willing to go and find out what’s happening?”

You are talking in this book about truly supernatural experiences that Muslims are having, that are leading them to Christ. Am I hearing you right?

In many cases, yes. Now, in some cases, it’s very normal, very routine, almost mundane, but of course, any time someone is turned from darkness to light it’s a miracle. Any time Christ saves someone, it’s a miracle. But certainly, we are hearing reports, also, of things that are out of the ordinary, and I’m a Baptist, so I say that with a healthy dose of skepticism.

I wanted to find out, and the reports I heard were just marvelous, particularly those of dreams and visions. Almost no one now denies that, for whatever reason, from one end of the Muslim world to the other, Muslims are having their sleep disturbed by visitations and by answered prayers, as well. We’ve talked to a number of folks who just talked about how they’d tested God. They said, “If this is real, I’m going to just pray, and if you’re really there, Lord, I want you to hear this,” and Jesus began to reveal himself through his faithfulness, and they realized that to follow Christ was not to follow a 2,000-year-old prophet, it was to follow a living Lord. That, for them, was the turning point.

To continue reading the full article: http://www.worldmag.com/2014/07/the_rising_tide_of_muslim_converts_to_christianity

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  1. appliedapologetics October 27, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Reblogged this on Applied-Apologetics and commented:
    A great and encouraging article by Ken Gentry on the expansion of Christ’s kingdom into the Muslim world.

  2. ajmacdonaldjr October 27, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    I’ve noticed you seem to have fallen for the “Islam is a threat” propaganda. You need to do your homework on this issue. The US has been radicalizing poor young men throughout the Middle East since July 1979 in order to create a weaponized Islamic mercenary force designed to create chaos in nations unfriendly to the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. The University of Nebraska even printed a Koran with radicalized Wahhabist study notes which the CIA provided to the madrases they were running in Pakistan and Afghanistan during the 1980’s. Google it. In short, the CIA’s weaponized version of Islam is not organic… it’s a totally artificial creation.

  3. Kenneth Gentry October 31, 2014 at 10:57 am

    Islam was founded by a caravan raider who beheaded 900 Qurayza Jews. They are easily stirred up because of their violent religion.

  4. Chris M. Hume November 4, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Gentry.

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