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Hoekema futurePMT 2014-127 written by OPC pastor Shane Lems

Excerpts from Anthony Hoekema’s book, The Bible and the Future

The Bible does not teach a millennial restoration of the Jews to their land. …To understand these prophecies (about returning to the land) only in terms of a literal fulfillment for Israel in Palestine during the thousand years is to revert back to Jewish nationalism and to fail to see God’s purpose for all his redeemed people. To understand these prophecies, however, as pointing to the new earth and its glorified inhabitants drawn from all tribes, peoples, and tongues ties in these prophecies with the ongoing sweep of New Testament revelation, and makes them richly meaningful to all believers today.

Anthony Hoekema (d. 1988) wrote a helpful critique of dispensational premillennialism in his excellent book, The Bible and the Future. Because I think they are helpful, I’m going to summarize and edit them below. I strongly recommend reading the entire 20 page chapter for the full discussion – along with exegesis and detailed explanation. Continue reading