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DistantPMT 2015-037 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

I often receive e-mail questions from readers. Here is a good question from Micah Thompson:


“I have appreciated your teachings regarding Revelation. Through personal study, I came to believe that each book of the Bible was written to benefit those of its day and to which it was written, otherwise it really didn’t make much sense excluding, of course, the redemptive weave throughout the OT. So when I was given your presentation I felt it was confirmed even more.

The question I did have is in regard to Revelation. Since John did say “shortly” in the beginning and ending as you mentioned: Is there anything in between those chapters that we could speculate could still happen or is yet to happen other than the return of Christ?

Do you feel all the apocalyptic language stuff has ALREADY happened since it does fall between the beginning and ending chapters? Continue reading