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PMW 2019-007 by Wesley Smith (ACLJ)

In a recent interview, Nancy Pelosi, the presumptive incoming Speaker of the House, called the concept of a border wall immoral. Calling the wall expensive and ineffective, she doubled down on the subject, elevating opposition to the proposed wall to the level of existential right and wrong, a moral absolute. Of course, she co-opts this important topic for blatant political purposes. Her loathing of President Trump obviously outweighs her sense of obligation to secure the country and provide safety for its citizens.

However, she is quite correct that the wall is a moral issue. In fact, it is unconscionable and immoral to NOT have a strong border wall. Continue reading

Border Meltdown: Biblical Principles

By Stephen Halbrook (Theonomy Resources)

As America’s border crisis escalates, various voices with various political philosophies weigh in. Should we or shouldn’t we protect the borders? What about immigrants—should they be admitted? If so, how do we determine whether they should be allowed into the country? Continue reading