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Hollywood worldviewsPMT 2015-099 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Postmillennialism believes in cultural engagement. In fact, it necessarily does so, and it does so as a transformationist approach to culture. That is, we believe that fallen culture must not only be challenged by the gospel and God’s word, but must be transformed by the power of God working through his people.

Modern American culture is greatly impacted by Hollywood movies and therefore by the Hollywood worldviews. Since movies are very much on people’s minds today, we as postmillennialists must recognize the power of story, the power of movies to affect our culture. And to do so, we must be able to discern, critique, and rebut the fallen worldviews presented in most movies today.

Perhaps the premiere analyst of Hollywood’s worldviews is Reformed, postmillennial, Christian apologist, screen writer, and author, Brian Godawa. His book Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Movies with Wisdom and Discernment is a must-have book for the alert Christian today. Continue reading