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Theonomy and the Westminster Standards (3)

PMT 2014-030b by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

I am continuing a confessional defense of theonomy. We must now turn our attention to the swirling vortex of the debate: the Confession’s statement in 19:4:

IV. To them also, as a body politic, He gave sundry judicial laws, which expired together with the State of that people; not obliging any other now, further than the general equity thereof may require. Continue reading

Theonomy and the Westminster Standards (2)

PMT 2014-029b by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

In my previous blog (PMT 2014-028b) I began a series defending theonomy from charges that it is contray to the Westminster Standards. I will continue that study in this article. Continue reading

Theonomy and the Westminster Standards (1)

PMT 2014-028b by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

In 1977 Greg L. Bahnsen released a work designed to shed light on a distinctly biblical view of ethics: Theonomy in Christian Ethics. In Theonomy was presented a rigorous exegetical argument for the Christian’s “ethical obligation to keep all of God’s law” (p. xv) including “the public obligation to promote and enforce obedience to God’s law in society as well” (p. xvi). Continue reading

Church and State in Israel and America

PMT 2013-032b by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Th.D.

Common misperceptions hold that the application of God’s Law in modern society would entail some sort of union of church and state. Continue reading

OT Penal Sanctions and Apostasy

PMT 2013-023b by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

In this article is a study on the new covenant application of Deuteronomy 13 showing that it does not establish capital punishment for unbelief. Continue reading

God’s Law Today

PMT 2013-014b by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Below is a study on God’s Law’s is binding on Christians in the new covenant: Continue reading