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PMT 2013-023 by Sam Hughey

True false“There used to be a group called ‘postmillennialists.’ They believed that the Christians would root out the evil in the world, abolish godless rulers, and convert the world through ever increasing evangelism until they brought about the Kingdom of God on earth through their own efforts. Then after 1000 years of the institutional church reigning on earth with peace, equality, and righteousness, Christ would return and time would end. These people rejected much of the Scripture as being literal and believed in the inherent goodness of man. World War I greatly disheartened this group and World War II virtually wiped out this viewpoint. No self-respecting scholar who looks at the world conditions and the accelerating decline of Christian influence today is a ‘postmillennialist.” — The Late Great Planet Earth, Hal Lindsey.

There can hardly be a more dishonest and distorted description of Postmillennialism. This shouldn’t really surprise us, since, over the years, many have learned that Lindsey is to Theology what the “National Enquirer” is to journalism: don’t be too concerned with truth, just make it sensational so it will sell. Continue reading