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Lion lambPMT 2015-134 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

In some passages the kingdom of God is pictured in terms of Eden renewed, entailing peaceable conditions. In an earlier article, I pointed out that the animals prior to the Fall were not carnivorous (“Animals Death in Eden,” 7/7/14).

In that article I mentioned prophetic images picture animals living in peace as symbols of the eschatological victory of God’s kingdom. In our fallen world the lion’s deadly and terrifying power even serves as a proverbial image in the Old Testament (Num. 23:24; Psa. 7:2; 17:12; Prov. 19:12; 20:2; 28:15; Isa. 38:13). But gentle carnivores are images of the fulness of God’s kingdom. For instance, carnivores are seen living in harmony with herbivores, though herbivores are their natural prey in Moses’ and our post-fall world (Gen. 49:9, 27; Deut. 33:20; Psa. 104:21; Isa. 5:29; Nah. 2:12). Continue reading