Gentry Conference Availability

If you are interested in a seminar or conference for your church or school, I am able to speak at a limited number of engagements each year. My particular specialties are in the field of Revelation , eschatology, and creation. I enjoy presenting God’s word, as well as meeting, interacting with, and fellowshiping with his people. I would welcome a contact from you to discuss the possibility of speaking to your group. You may send me an inquiry by clicking on Contact Me on the header of this website.

I hold to an orthodox preterist understanding of Revelation, which presents a redemptive-historical focus on Revelation. I believe the bulk of Revelation focuses on the destruction Jerusalem, which closes the old covenant era and gives way to the establishing of the new covenant era.

I have presented lectures involving a full survey of Revelation, a summary of the key interpretive principles, the preterist approach to Revelation, the beast of Revelation, the millennium, and many others. My Revelation lectures have been well-received in several conferences in America and Australia.

I have completed a two-volume commentary on two-volume commentary on Revelation, titled The Divorce of Israel, which should be available in Spring of 2019. I also have published The Book of Revelation Made Easy and Navigating the Book of Revelation. I also contributed to Zondervan’s CounterPoint book Four Views on the Book of Revelation. In addition, I have two DVD series on Revelation: Keys to the Book of Revelation and Survey of the Book of Revelation.

I hold to an orthodox preterist analysis of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse, which is developed in terms of composition criticism principles regarding the Gospel of Matthew. I argue that Jesus is prophesying both the destruction of Jerusalem (Matt. 24:2-34) as well as the Final Judgment of all nations (Matt 24:36-25:46). I provide careful contextual-flow studies of Matthew’s setting of the Discourse, as well as a thorough exposition of the Discourse itself. The AD 70 judgment is the final in a series of “day of the Lord” events (that begin in the Old Testament), which point to the final Day of the Lord at the Second Coming and Final Judgment. Thus, AD 70 is strongly linked to the Final Judgment, being a typological adumbration of it.

I have written and spoken widely on the Olivet Discourse, and am currently working on a commentary on Matthew 21-25, which is a discrete literary unit in Matthew. I have written two books covering the Discourse: Perilous Times and The Olivet Discourse Made Easy. I have also had a formal, public debate with dispensationalist Thomas D. Ice on Olivet, called Matthew 24 Debate: Past or Future?

I hold to an optimistic outlook for the historical long-run, expecting that the gospel of Christ will eventually overwhelm the world, bringing in world-wide righteousness, peace, and prosperity. This is the expectation emboldening the Lord’s Prayer (cf. Matt. 6:10), the Lord’s redemptive goal (John 3:17; 12:31-32), and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20), all of which are founded on the Old Testament promises (Gen. 12:1-3; Psa. 2:8; 72:8-11; Isa. 2:2-4).

I have written much of the subject of the postmillennial hope. My He Shall Have Dominion is a thorough, 600-page presentation of postmillennialism, which contains three chapters of answers to objections. I have also published Postmillennialism Made Easy and contributed to Zondervan’s CounterPoint book Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond. I also had a formal, public debate on Amillennialism v. Postmillennialism, wherein I debate Dr. Richard Gaffin, which is available on DVD.

I hold to a literal, six consecutive twenty-four-hour day creation process, as per Genesis 1. I have carefully studied Genesis 1 and 2 for a thorough argument for the Six-day Creationist viewpoint. I have also carefully analyzed the Framework Hypothesis, the current, leading evangelical and Reformed alternative to the literal view.

I have a book on the subject, titled As It Is Written. In this work I present the positive evidence for Six-day Creation, as well as a critique of the Framework Hypothesis, which sees the days of Genesis 1 as largely metaphorical. I also have produced a lecture series on DVD, titled Understanding the Creation Account. In addition, I have produced a small, inexpensive booklet summarizing the Six-day argument. It is titled Six-Day Creation.

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